1. Initial Setup of YoloLiv YoloBox The Portable Live Stream Studio [Product Review Part 1]
    How to make your live streaming simple to setup? Get YoloLiv YoloBox which can help you to start a live video with a few steps.  Without YoloLiv Y...
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  2. XGerm 多功能便携式紫外線消毒器 【產品開箱】
    保持個人的健康,除了保持環境清潔外,細菌還會藏在細微的地方。因此,你需要XGerm多功能便携式紫外線消毒器,為你的個人物件消毒,保障健康。 為了對抗新型冠狀病毒,大家每天都在為身邊的換環境消毒抗菌。勤洗手成為了大家必做的動作,消毒酒精搓手液或濕紙巾成為了大家搶購的對象。但大家往往忽略了身邊個人...
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  3. Mokibo 2-in-1  Wireless Touchpad Keyboard [Product Review]
    Being unproductive using an iPad for working, studying and gaming? Hate to bring another keyboard & mouse? This minimalist innovation may be yo...
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  4. Nano Virus Buster 抗菌小掛包 & 盒子 【產品開箱】
    細菌無處不在,你需要一個長效抗菌的保護罩。Nano Virus Buster 抗菌小掛包 & 盒子,抗菌、抗流感,隨時隨地保障你的健康。 Nano virus busters 抗菌小掛包和小盒子的包裝十分簡單,讓你可以輕輕鬆鬆隨時隨地使用。你只需要除掉外包裝,小掛包和小盒子便會發揮他...
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  5. XGerm Pro 紫外線消毒器 - 消滅日常用品中99.99%的細菌 【產品開箱】
    為你的個人物件進行徹底消毒 - Lexuma XGerm Pro是你的家居消毒神器。 為了對抗病毒,我們需要每天為自己的個人物品和家居環境進行消毒清潔。以些細微的物件例如耳環、手錶、眼鏡等,直接使用消毒酒精清潔或會損害物件表面,令到物件的壽命減少。有研究指,長時間以消毒酒精直接拭擦電話表面會加...
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  6. Lexuma XBud2 True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Choose Your Own Hearing Style
    Choose your own style for using wireless headphones and enjoy premium music anywhere anytime! A unique design for every digital product can represe...
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  7. Lexuma Kinect Adapter - Start Your Games with XBox One S, One X and Window PC
    Kinect adapter for Xbox One S, One X and Window PC - Connect to sensor and start the game! To use your existing Xbox One Kinect Sensor with a new...
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  8. Light Up Your Beauty - LED Travel Makeup Mirror

    The LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror offers the functionality of your favorite vanity mirror at home, features of a 7X magnifying mirror, and the stylish elegance of a compact mirror rolled into one. This LED lighted travel makeup mirror weighs very light and looks very sleek so you can snuck it into your purse or travel bag. The magnifying mirror is definitely handy especially when travelling because well designed, multifunctional, and saves a lot of space. Tuck it in your bag so you can have your touch-ups anytime anywh

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  9. Protect Rearview Mirror And Side Window For Your Car
    Drivers need clear traffic views from rearview mirror and side window, that's why they need daily protection.   On rainy days, blurred car rearvie...
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  10. Lexuma announced their Newly Designed XBud-X True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Earbuds
    Let's have a look at the newly announced Lexuma XBud-X True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Lexuma has announced their newly designed true wireless ...
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  11. Lexuma XBud-Z True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds- Best Match for Workout and Enjoy Music
    Wants to enjoy Hifi music during workout? Choose this true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds! Many people can't live without headphones when they are ...
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  12. Are you worried about Hidden Cameras in your Vacation Rental?
    Worried about being watched and recorded? The Lexuma XScan, the all-in-one detector is here to safeguard your privacy   Do you have personal safety...
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