3 Tips On Preparing Yourself For Coronavirus At Home

3 Tips On Preparing Yourself For Coronavirus At Home

As the Coronavirus epidemic situation has broken out worldwide, the best way to protect yourself from the infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. We are advised not to go out if not necessary. However, here are 3 preventive actions that we can do to surviving it in our daily life, including:

1. Wash your hands often

We are recommended to wash our hands before eating. Also, this is the first thing you must do when you come back home to avoid spread germs indoor. However, it is not only using water but also rubbing your hand with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol for at least 20 seconds. For more details about washing hands, see the CDC's Hand-washing website.

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2. Keep hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth

Avoiding touching your five sense organs helps prevent transmission of viruses and diseases. According to the recommendation from the CDC, we may be infected through our facial features, especially eyes, nose, and mouth. That's why we should not touch our five senses organs by our hands unless you have clean your hand thoroughly.

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3. Regular house cleaning 

In order to prevent the breeding of bacteria, it is highly recommended people to do sterilization regularly on all touched objects and surfaces you touch frequently. Besides, applying the disinfection products on the surfaces of your belongings and household items such as the furniture, door handles, and toilet seat. So as to eliminate the germs in your house, the IMC antivirus spray works significantly.

IMC ant-virus spray, an effective and functional household product that is good at suppressing the growth of bacteria on the items for the long-term. After spraying the product on the objects, it will film on the surface, which is high hardness, harmless to human and long-lasting for around 3 years. This product applies to different surfaces like cloth, leather, plastic, wood, and wall, while the endurance of the function depends on the material. Click here for more information about the IMC disinfection spray.

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Though we mentioned this above, it's worth saying again.

  • Stay away from the crowd - avoid exposure to the virus
  • Wash hands frequently - remember applying alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap.
  • Keep hands out of your face - unless cleaning your hand thoroughly
  • Keep touched items clean - inhibit the breeding of virus and bacterial


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