Apple AirPods And TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Comparison

Apple AirPods And TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Comparison

Apple Airpods And True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Comparison


Apple fans are always patiently waiting for new lauches of Apple gadgets, like new iPhone, New Apple Watch series etc. Recently Apple lauched its first wireless earbuds, especially for iOS devices - AirPods. As we expected, although the retailing price is quite high, people around the world are desperated for this new Bluetooth AirPods. However, are there other wireless earbuds that offer similar quality and features? Let's take a look at a comparison between AirPods and our TWS Bluetooth Earbuds


Table of Comparison

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The first consideration for customers may be the selling price. We all know that Apple's products are usually of high prices, just like the new iPhone XR and AirPods. Although Apple company always ensures product quality, $159 USD is not so affordable for quite a large percentage of customers around the World.

This is one of the main reasons why some Apple fans chose to buy other Bluetooth earbuds at a more reasonable price. Just like this TWS Bluetooth earbuds, it only costs 29.99 now as it is in the special sales period. (Get one now if you can't wait to try it out!)


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison pairing up with devices

Second, in terms of technological aspects, both Apple AirPods and our Bluetooth earbuds applied Bluetooth wireless technology for pairing up the earbuds and the Bluetooth supported device / iOS system. However, our TWS earbuds applied Bluetooth 4.2 which provides a more stable connection between the earbuds and the smartphone. Some customers pointed out that AirPods' Bluetooth connection is not so stable and sometimes automatically disconnect from the device. This is due to the connectivity enhancement from Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 4.2.


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison gadgeticloud blog noise cancellation

Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison gadgeticloud blog features of wireless earbuds

Apart from Bluetooth and True Wireless Stereo technology, noise isolation and in-ear design are also two crucial factors for earbuds. We all want crystal clear and smooth sound quality when listening to music or chatting with friends. If the background noise is not isolated by the earbuds, we won't be able to hear well. For earbuds, sound quality definitely is the top priority!

Moreover, some customers reported that AirPods do not stay in the ears firmly and keep slipping off. This is why in-ear design is the key for wireless earbuds. Since we don't have a wire to connect two earbuds, the earbuds need to be fit in the ears even when jogging or doing exercise. Sports lovers like listening to music during exercising and our TWS wireless earbuds are perfect for them.


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison gadgeticloud blog with charging case

Both AirPods and our TWS earbuds are equipped with charging cases. The battery capacity for AirPods is 398mAh while our TWS wireless earbuds' charging case has 500mAh capacity. Wireless earbuds need regular charging in a day, therefore a charging case with high battery capacity is more preferable for customers. You can put the earbuds inside the charging box whenever they run out of battery. After 30 minutes, the Bluetooth earbuds are ready to go again!


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison gadgeticloud blog functions of buttons

We've discussed the technological aspects, now let's move on to Music Play Time and Standby Time. As you can see in the comparison table, the music play time per charge for AirPods is 5 hours and 3 hours for our TWS Bluetooth Earbuds. AirPods' play time is relatively longer but the charging capacity for its charging case is relatively lower. For standby time, AirPods can last for 24 hours while our TWS earbuds can last for 72 hours unused. Usually we listen to music at leisure time and turn off the earbuds at work. We all hope the battery can last till we off work and head home with some relaxing music. In these two aspects, AirPods and our TWS earbuds both have its own strength and area for improvement.


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison gadgeticloud compatible with all bluetooth devices

Finally, let's move on to the last element: Applicability. If we spend money to buy earbuds, of course we hope that they can be applicable to different models of electronic devices, like Samsung, HTC, Apple etc. However, AirPods are only applicable to iOS system, like iPhone, MacBook, iPad etc. On the other hand, our TWS wireless earbuds are applicable to Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphones, like iPhone, HTC, Android, Blackberry etc. No matter which brand you are using, this earbud can pair up with the device. We welcome users from all Bluetooth enabled devices!


To conclude, Apple AirPods is expensive for its True Wireless Stereo feature, its long music playtime and the portable charging case. If these features are what you wish for, why not take a look at our TWS Bluetooth Earbuds that offer these functions and with a much more reasonable price? Check it out NOW!

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Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison

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