Different Types Of Beauty Makeup Mirrors

Different Types Of Beauty Makeup Mirrors

Choose Your Favorite Makeup Mirror - FOUR Types Of Beauty Mirrors


Every woman owns one or two makeup mirrors. Magnifying and lighted beauty mirrors are some of the most popular types which are loved by the beauty market. Makeup mirrors are critical tools when applying cosmetics, like lipsticks, foundation base, eyeliner etc. Are you choosing the most suitable and user-friendly beauty makeup mirror for your daily makeup routines? Read this article and get to know more about different types of beauty mirrors so that you can have the perfect makeup everyday!

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Vanity Mirror

Vanity makeup mirror is also known as stationary mirrors. One major advantage of this type of vanity mirror is that it allows us to have both hands free while applying makeups. Vanity mirrors are the best tools that are available with adjustable, movable features to the users. This type of beauty mirror is designed with large size and rectangular or square in shape. Usually the makeup mirror also features light bulbs and magnifying mirrors so that we will be able to see facial details clearly.

The adjustable nature makes it easier to propel the mirror in the direction that is easier for a smoother makeup application. Vanity mirrors are suitable for bedrooms and bath rooms, which you will do daily cleaning and makeups. The size of vanity mirror may not be suitable for travels and immediate need. If you want to carry one in bag, handheld makeup mirror is a better choice.

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Handheld Mirror

Handheld mirror is used to verify the coloration and cosmetics that we have applied in the morning. You can adjust the angle and direction by hand and show your entire face without any distortion. Handheld beauty mirrors can be easily placed into your purse and used for quick checks when you are on dates or meetings.

Handheld mirrors are well known for the portable and compact design, which is the best choice for travelers. Tri-fold mirror can be so light and portable that you can put it in small bags and travel bags. You can use it for daily re-application or for frequent traveling.

If a 1X beauty makeup mirror is not enough for your detailed cosmetics, you may consider a handheld mirror with magnifying mirrors. Magnification is particularly helpful for women with poor eyesight that may have to remove their glasses before applying makeup.

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Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirror works best for detailed makeups, such as applying eyeliner, lip liner or multiple shades which need the delicate blending to achieve the best result. This kind of beauty mirror is also essential for covering fine lines and blemishes.

Little Tip: Don't blindly choose the makeup mirror with the highest level of magnification. Even if it is 10X or 15X magnification, the magnifying mirror may not be able to produce clear reflection of images. 7X or 10X is the most user-friendly magnifying level and you can see every detail clearly.

Here's another compact travel mirror with magnifying mirrors. You can easily put it in pockets and re-apply makeups anytime anywhere!

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LED Lighted Mirror

Actually, many beauty makeup mirrors are designed with light bulbs or LED lights, either on the edges or encircling the entire reflective surface. This provides a smooth and consistent lighting source that enhances makeup application. The lights can eliminate shadows that may result in uneven cosmetics. LED lights enables us to wear makeup at anytime comfortably in the dark or a poorly lit room.

With natural lights coming from lighted beauty mirrors, we will be able to draw even eyeliners and wear contact lens without hurting our eyes. If you are interested in LED lighted makeup mirrors, we have prepared this vanity lighted mirror for you:

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Having the right makeup beauty mirror for daily cosmetic is the key to a balanced an stunning appearance. Choose a mirror that offers the features you need. The above beauty mirrors can make you flawless and perfect. Go check them out!

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