Different Types Of Earphones

Different Types Of Earphones

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Different types of earphones, headphones and Bluetooth earbuds


When we are shopping at an electronic accessory retail store, there are different types and styles of earbuds and headphones. It is difficult for us to know all of their features and decide which one is the most suitable one for me. Do you know there can be differences between earbuds and headphones? Although they have the same duty - play music for your earbuds, it is important to understand more. In this article, we will introduce different types of earphones and headphones to you. Hopefully it will be easier for you to get what you need.


In-Ear Headphones = Earbuds & Canal Earphones

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In-ear headphones are also known as earphones or inter-aural headphones. Considering the design of housings, there are 2 kinds of in-ear headphones: earbuds and canal earphones. Each type fits differently into your ears. In-ear headphones often feature different sizes and types of ear cushions to achieve the most comfortable fit possible. Examples of cushions include memory foam, rubber, and silicone. Some are shaped to lock into the concha and have a protrusion that extends further into the ear canal.

Wireless versions of in-ear headphones, (or smart earbuds) often have a larger earpiece to accommodate the Bluetooth mechanism and controls for the headphones or have them on a thicker behind-the-neck cord. This adds additional bulk and weight. Another factor with wireless audio devices is that they are powered and need to be recharged after a few hours of use.

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Wireless Earbuds usually do not have cushions, although they can. They are meant to be held in place by the concha ridge at the center of your outer ear, rather than sitting inside the ear canal. They are often one-size-fits-all, which may not be comfortable to wear.


Depending on the shape of your ear ridges, they may not fit securely and may fall out frequently. This can be annoying, especially if you are wearing them for sports and exercise. Some have wings or loops to tuck under the ridges of the ear to help keep them in place.


Little Tips:

If your ears feel uncomfortable to fit in cushions, you may need to consider a wireless earbuds, like Apple AirPods or our TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Wireless earbuds are more preferable these days since there will be no more wire or cables surrounding your neck. You can simply put the wireless earbuds in the charging case.


If you do not want to charge wireless earbuds regularly, you may consider buying a wired earphones. The biggest advantage for wired earphones is that you don't need to charge them everyday. Just connect the earphones to your mobile and you can enjoy music anytime!


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As we mentioned above, we can also break in-ear headphones into 2 categories: wired and wireless. Bluetooth earbuds will connect wirelessly with your device. There are 2 types of Bluetooth earbuds: totally wireless earbuds and Bluetooth earbuds with a short cable. 

The most common and recognizable model of earbuds is the AirPods that apple provides with their products — they don’t have as slim of a design and don’t penetrate your canal as much, but are merely larger circles that press against more of your ear. This style of headphone does not enter the ear canal and instead rests on the outer ear which allows for more sound from the external environment to enter as well. 


Here's a summary of in-ear earphones (earbuds & canal earphones):

We can divide in-ear earphones by whether it enters our ear canal, or by if it is wired or wireless. For canal earphones, they can block background noises but it may not be so comfortable for those who have small ear canals.

For wireless earbuds, it is cable-free and cushion free, so we can say it is the most comfortable way of enjoying music. However, wireless earbuds like AirPods may get loose during exercises and they need to be charged regularly.


Headphones: Closed-Back

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The closed-back headphones are a great type of headphones for those who want to block out any peripheral noise when using their headphones. This style rids the noise surrounding you to keep the music free of any outside interference, regardless of environment. At the same time it creates an isolated audio experience so that only you can hear the sounds or music you want to hear. This makes closed-back headphones great for those who are looking to hear every minute detail of the music they’re listening to and fully engulf themselves into the listening experience.

This technology has developed rapidly, especially in the music industry and all types of Bluetooth electronics now. Headphones with Bluetooth technology have a small computer chip inside of them that allow you to pair with the device you are playing music from. If you connect to headphones via Bluetooth, you are able to listen to the same sound as you would with normal headphone styles yet avoided the hassle of cords / wires.



As we can see, closed-back headphones can block out most of the noises and provide an isolated audio experience for users. So if you hate being disturbed by background noises, you should get headphones instead of earphones.

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Finally, another typical headphones which appeared in these few years are sports earphones (with cables). They are retractable and foldable, which means they are practical to travel with. The ability to reduce them down in size means they can be stored in a bag without taking up much room.


The design also caters for sports enthusiasts that are interested in working out. They are durable and sweat-proof, which means you can don’t have to worry about sweat based damage. Furthermore, jogging in the rain is also allowed as the design protects the audio drivers from light splashes of water.


As we can see, different types of earphones and headphones suit different needs of customers. If you are looking for wireless bluetooth earbuds like Apple AirPods, we have TWS Bluetooth earbuds at GadgetiCloud!

different types of earphones headphones earbuds wireless wired headphones at GadgetiCloud

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