Gift Idea For The Coming Festivals

Gift Idea For The Coming Festivals

Gift Idea For Festivals, Birthday and Special Events!


Every year, we look forward to celebrating different festivals with our friends and relatives. Christmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Easter and Mid-Autumn Festival... even counting them makes me so thrilled. But one big issue on these festivals is that we always need to think of the gifts for our beloved ones. Should I buy Christmas socks? Or Easter chocolate eggs? Too many gift idea are popping out in your head! Don't worry. Here I will suggest some perfect gifts for the coming festivals. Choose one or two for your friends from the amazing gifts below!


For Gadget Lovers:

Gift Idea For The Coming Festivals - GadgetiCloud mp3 player bluetooth portable walkman

This portable MP3 player is not only designed with music play. It is especially designed with alarm and sleeping timer function by the built-in speaker. It also supports time screen-saver, one button to lock, voice record, A-B repeat, FM radio, resume playback, video, E-book(Support TXT Format Only) etc. The best choice for music fans. Who said MP3 players are out-dated? With improvement on new features and new functions, MP3 players can become the new music trend of youngsters too.





Gift Idea For The Coming Festivals - GadgetiCloud lofree mechanical keyboard typewriter

Designed with a high degree similarity with the Mac built-in keyboard, this mechanical keyboard is the perfect stylish choice for Apple users to flawlessly switch between keyboard. This Mac mechanical keyboard is inspired by the vintage typewriters. Its colorful design and mechanical keyboard make typing easier, more enjoyable, and adds a touch of glamour to your setup and work space.

Gateron blue switches require lighter pressure to actuate the switch to reduce the risk of developing repetitive strain injury. This mechanical keyboard provides the most comfortable typing experience!





For Beauty Lovers:

Gift Idea For The Coming Festivals - GadgetiCloud handheld led lighted mirror magnifying

Lightweight and Compact size with foldable design is perfect in any pouch, hand bag, makeup case when you are on the go for travels. Folding design allows to see your face from more angles and finish a more charming makeup. One normal side mirror and Two sided magnifying (5X,7X) mirrors meet all your require for detailed application, eyelash, eyebrows, lips etc. Long press the button to dimming or brighten lights.

With built-in battery, one charge lasts up to 5 weeks. It is equipped with a USB cable (without USB adapter) which is convenient for charging by adapter, PC or power bank.






For Apple Lovers:

Gift Idea For The Coming Festivals - GadgetiCloud apple watch 4 apple watch 4 portable charger power bank

Lexuma XTAG is ultra portable Apple Watch Charger with compact size and stylish design, making Apple Watch wireless charging become reality. From now on, you can charge up your Apple Watch anytime anywhere without bringing an extra charging cable. Simply hook XTAG to your backpack or just put it in your pocket and your Apple Watch is ready to go for new journey. The built-in 700 mAh battery of XTAG can charge your Apple Watch twice. This power bank weights only 50g and has MFi certification approved by Apple!




I hope you are able to get some gift idea from this article. First you need to know what type of gift your friends may want, and then choose the most suitable gift at GadgetiCloud! Welcome to explore more gadgets now.

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