Traditional Vs Modern MP3 Player

Traditional Vs Modern MP3 Player

How MP3 players transform throughout these years? From expensive and bulky, to affordable and portable. Check out the differences between old-style walkman and modern MP3 players!


MP3 Players like Sony Walkman, Apple iPod and Lexuma Bluetooth MP3 player are always must-have music gadgets for music lovers around the globe. We listen to music during jogging, hiking and exercising. We enjoy music when we are traveling to work or relaxing at home. Music becomes part of our life. However, do you know how MP3 players evolve over the past decade? How they transform from a bulky music player to a portable music gadget? If you are interested in music, read this article and explore the history of MP3 players together.


Little Background

An MP3 player or Digital Audio Player is an electronic device that can play digital audio files. It is a type of Portable Media Player. The first handheld portable MP3 player released on the American market was the Eiger Labs F10, a 32MB imported version of the MPMan F10 that appeared in the summer of 1998.

There are several types of MP3 players:

  • Devices that play CDs. Often, they can be used to play both audio CDs and homemade data CDs containing MP3 or other digital audio files.
  • Pocket devices. These are solid state devices that hold digital audio files on internal or external media, such as memory cards.
  • Devices that read digital audio files from a hard drive. These players have higher capacities, ranging from 1.5GB to 100GB, depending on the hard drive technology. 

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The rise of MP3 format in the late 1990s meant that music fans could collect and enjoy hundreds of digital tracks. But those tracks were chained to PCs. Therefore the next step was to free MP3s by putting them on some type of Sony Walkman-like device so that we could play time back wherever and whenever we want.

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In 1998, a boxy and bulky MP3 player with only 32MB of memory is invented. This was a huge success at that time already but limited storage was the biggest problem with early MP3 players. Those MP3 players has 32MB or 64MB of memory, which is hardly enough to store even a full regular length audio CD.

Back to the present, the latest Bluetooth MP3 players mostly support 8GB to 32GB memory storage. If you are looking for a MP3 walkman with large storage, Lexuma portable MP3 player is what you need. It has built-in 8GB / 16GB memory and the external memory card slot can support 128GB memory card. You can store over 2000 songs and listen to your favourite music on the go!

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In 2001, audio-player underdog Apple introduced the first iPod, which had a 5GB hard drive and a large black and white display. Sold at a high price $400, the first iPod was compatible only with Macs which is complained by Non-Mac users. Music gadgets should not be limited to a certain type of devices or system.

Therefore, later when Bluetooth transmission technology is widely used in electronic devices, MP3 players nowadays can be paired up with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, like Android, Apple, Blackberry, HTC devices etc. Apart from the normal wired earphones, Bluetooth MP3 players can also pair up with wireless headset and Bluetooth earphones. With wired and wireless headphones, MP3 players can provide smooth and user-friendly music experience for most of the smartphone users.


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Not Just For Music

In 2004, color screens and additional features became a common sight on MP3 players. For example, new MP3 players start to add FM radio, E-books and color images for music playlists. It is more than just MP3-format and music. Some of the MP3 players are even designed with alarm and sleeping timer function by the built-in speaker. You can get what you need not only from a smartphone, but also a MP3 player!

Multi-functional becomes one of the greatest selling point since 2007. This is why Lexuma portable Bluetooth audio player supports most audio formats like WMA, WAV, E-Book etc. It is also equipped with a large 2.4inch HD color screen which provides clear images. If you are looking for a MP3 player for your coming trip or daily workout, this gadget is the perfect choice!

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No matter it's about the size, the weight, memory storage or the amazing features, we can see that different companies and brands tried hard to make improvements and modifications on MP3 players. If you want to experience the smoothest music, you couldn't miss this portable MP3 player out!

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