Mini Security Camera Comparison

Mini Security Camera Comparison

Choose The Best Mini Security Camera For Your Home, Office, Car And Outdoor Activities

Do you now that one out of seven houses in your neighborhood has security camera installed in / outside of the house? No matter its for daily activity recording, or property safety, a security camera is what every household needs to keep families and belongings safe and sound. So how to choose the most suitable safety camera for your home, office, private car or daily activities? In this article, I will compare two mini security camera and explore their features for you. Hope you will be able to get what you need!


Let's take a look at this comparison table.

gadgeticloud home security camera mini hidden camera spy cam nanny cam for office outdoor training comparison table


Common Feature - Wide Angle Lens

Both two mini security cameras have wide angle lens for recording every detail happening in the room: 150-degree and 140-degree. Most security cameras in the market are only designed with 105° - 120° recording lens. These two safety cam has wider viewing angle so that you will not be limited to a small area. Just place the security camera in the corner and it will be able to record everything in the living room or in your car. With a wider viewing angle, you don't need to control or adjust the angle by yourself.
gadgeticloud mini security camera wireless portable camera safe home office wide angle lens


Common Feature - Night Vision & Motion Detection

Both wireless security cameras feature 5 meters night vision distance and motion detection. They can capture clear video and images even in total darkness. These portable security camera will record automatically when any motion is detected. For the thumb-size camera, it will also save photos and videos every 2 minutes with continuous recording and cyclic covering. For the indoor security camera, you can see a live feed at all hours of the day or night as you want.

gadgeticloud mini security camera wireless portable camera safe home office night vision motion sensor


Common Feature - HD 1080P Recording While Charging

With 1920 x 1080 video resolution, these two mini camera produce bright and crisp images, allowing users to see every little movement. For the indoor mini security camera, you can even do snapshot, adjust resolution, control brightness with the APP. You just need to connect the camera, your device to WiFi network and you can live-stream high quality video anytime!
When the camera runs out of juice, you can easily plug in the USB charging cable for charging. You won't miss a single moment since both two wireless security cameras support Recording While Charging. They will standby for your home and office! Little reminder, if you want to record your daily training routines, the thumb-size security camera will be a better choice as it can be attached to the provided clip and sports bandage.

gadgeticloud mini security camera wireless portable camera safe home office usb charging



Indoor Mini Security Cam: Connected to WiFi network and you will be able to live stream the footage through a free security APP in your iPhone / iPad, Android Smartphone / Tablet or computer. You will get motion activated push notification alerts on the phone when the motion sensor is triggered. The largest advantage of that you won't be limited to time and space. Once you get WiFi network, you can view the real life situation via the APP.

gadgeticloud mini security camera wireless portable camera safe home office app interface

Thumb-size Security Cam: In order to store videos and images captured by this pocket-size safety camera, it supports micro TF card. You can insert 8GB - 32GB memory card into the card slot, or directly transfer data to computers with micro USB cable.

Moreover, you can directly transfer videos and pictures to any PC or Mac with USB cable. It can serve as a USB flash drive and support copying, cutting, pasting and deleting. You don't need to worry about losing videos and data.

gadgeticloud mini security camera wireless portable camera safe home office support memory card


Weight and Size

Both security cameras are portable and lightweight so that you can hide it anywhere or carry it with you for outdoor exercises. The thumb-size security camera is a lot smaller than the indoor security camera. It weights only 80g and is only the size of a dice. This is perfect for travel recording and any outdoor road trip! With the provided clip and sports bandage, you can easily attached it with you and record stunning views or exercise routines.

As for the indoor mini security camera, it's also mini and you won't notice it at home, office or in cars. You can attach it with the provided magnetic bracket and metal tab. The small mini size is perfect for small office and business place too.

gadgeticloud mini security camera wireless portable camera safe home office differences

Now I believe you have a better understanding on these two portable wireless security camera. If your home or office needs a fixed smart camera for safety reason, you should get this Indoor Mini Wireless Security Camera! On the other hand, if you are looking for ultra-small security camera, you should get Thumb-size Security Camera!

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