How to maintain your PVC figure toys?

How to maintain your PVC figure toys?

Want a PVC figure that is well maintained? You should pay attention to the following points!

Of course not only children love figure toys! Many adults have unlimited love for figures. But when the figure is placed for a long time, it is inevitable that different conditions will occur, such as the figure becoming dusty, becoming dirty, etc., these problems are easy to solve, just clean or wipe it. But I don’t know if you have tried to put the figure in a transparent box. The figure is supposed to not touch foreign objects, but there is still oil on the figure, and there may even be sticky TAT. So what are we going to do?

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First understand the composition of PVC figures!

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is what we usually call hollow resin and soft rubber. It is synthesized from petrochemicals and plastics. The raw material is polyvinyl chloride. We use these materials because PVC figures need a certain degree of softness to make them easy to process and durable. Generally speaking, PVC figures are more difficult to tear and break.

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Figure collection and placement are also exquisite!

I personally like to put the figures in the acrylic box, because after I buy it, I can put the figure wherever I want. The acrylic box is transparent and light-transmitting (but still anti-ultraviolet), no need to add LED lights. Of course, you can also put the figure in the glass cabinet, but be careful about whether the projection lamp of the display cabinet is a heating LED lamp because strong light is a big enemy of PVC Figure. After being exposed to strong light for a long time, the figure may become brittle, deformed, and whitened. Hearing this, you should all know that PVC figures cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time!

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PVC figures not only can not be placed under strong light but also can not be placed in a place where the temperature and humidity are too high. So, don't put them near windows, terraces, and other places. In the cabinet or acrylic box, it is best to put a moisture-absorbing bag or moisture-proof beads.


Human hand sweat and oil may damage the coating of the figure, and nails may also scratch the surface of the Figure. Be careful when you play with it, or you can wear cotton gloves (but I think it is too troublesome to prepare so many).


It’s best to put it in a place that doesn’t touch the dust, otherwise, you have to clean the dust regularly. If you don't clean the figure regularly, the dust will accumulate and it will be more difficult to deal with. But don't keep it sealed, lest the paint on the figure deteriorates and changes color.

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A good way to clean the figure

As mentioned earlier, it is best to keep the Figure in a ventilated environment, so dust is really unavoidable. At this time, it must be cleaned regularly.

The easiest way to clean the figure is to wipe your figure with a glass cloth, flannel, cotton swabs, etc. Alcohol cotton pads can be used, but it is best to dilute it, otherwise, it is afraid of fading. Don't use a dry hard cloth to wipe the figure, it will wound the figure toy, and it will be bad if it leaves scratches. After all, they are all plastic figures...

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If you want to be professional, buy a "Rubber Dust Blower Ball". Some Rubber Dust Blower Balls still come with a brush. This tool is often used when cleaning the camera. So you can buy them at some camera shops. The Rubber Dust Blower Ball can blow out air and blow away dust.marvel-studio-avengers-endgame-official-figure-toy-doll-toylaxy-blog-PVC Figure模型保養小貼士-blow

If you don't want dust to accumulate again, there are some antistatic brushes on the market that prevent static electricity. It is convenient for you to clean up the dust while helping Figure to prevent static electricity. It is highly recommended to you who want to take care of the figure seriously!

If you don't want to blow the dust around, you can use jelly cleaning glue. Personally, I prefer to use this method to clean the figure, because it is really sticky on the surface of the figure, the uneven surface of the figure, and the weapon can stick to the dust. However, if it is a figure with bad material, there may be a risk of discoloration after prolonged contact with the cleaning glue.

Remember, never wash the figure with hot or warm water, otherwise, the figure may become deformed and melted. If you use the brush while washing with warm water, the risk of damage on the figure is even greater.

Oily figure first aid method

The reason why the oily Figure is plasticizer has been put into the surface of PVC products for a long time. You can use the "neutral detergent" used to wash dishes for degreasing. If you want to prevent it, you can spray a layer of soft glue special transparent paint on the Figure to "temporarily" isolate the air, but only temporarily.

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What about the PVC figure sticky problem?

As mentioned earlier, high temperatures can deform the figure, so if you use a warm water bubble figure, the PVC material will become soft. Then, you can manually correct the shape and form of the figure!

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After knowing so much about the figure, do you want to buy a PVC figure? Come to Ta-Collection to see if there is no suitable one!

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