Marvel's Figure 2: The unboxing video of the Toylaxy "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" Premium PVC Wave 2 is also here!

Marvel's Figure 2: The unboxing video of the Toylaxy "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" Premium PVC Wave 2 is also here!

Bring you out of the unboxing for the Toylaxy "Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame" Official Figure Premium PVC Wave 2!

Thanks to Figure Collecting 4 Dummy for unboxing Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Premium PVC Wave 2 Figures. Let's take a look at these Marvel Figures.


The 3 sides of the box are all transparent plastic surfaces to show the Marvel figures inside. You can see the front, left and right of the model inside through the packaging. COOL! ! ! The color of the package follows the theme of Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, and then all the characters of the second wave are displayed on the back of the package. There are five roles this time. There is also a big corner close-up on the side of the package, which is super cute.


The characters in the Wave 2 Marvel's figures are: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant-man, Captain Marvel, and War machine.


Now it's time to unbox!

The seal is intact to ensure it is brand new. Then, cut it open. The method of opening the package is very simple, and everything inside is well preserved.


There is a leaflet on the inside of the package. On one side of the leaflet, Thanos faces all the Avengers characters. Then on the other side, you have a close-up of each character in the second wave, and you can also see Mike (the head of Toylaxy)'s signature to prove that each Avengers figure is authentic.


Ok. Now let’s look at the actual contents of the package. They used a lot of tape to ensure that the paint film does not scratch on the Marvel figure. Therefore, its top, back and bottom are packed very well. The tape is very tight, so you don’t need to use any ties to fix the Marvel model. It will not fall out or move inside the box. Basically, you only need to open the box first, and then push out the "protective case" with the Marvel model to take out the Figure. Therefore, it does a very good job in packaging.




War Machine

Alright. As a model collector, I really like the character design of Avengers in this series. Although it is not realistic, the design of the cartoon version of Marvel Figure is really fun and special.


The details on this model are so detailed that surprises me. As you can see, the printing and details are well done. I particularly like the special design of their base. Just like the War Machine here, you can see the flames spraying out of the booster transparently. I like this special effect very much.


But the only thing I hope is that this War Machine Figure is improved is that this flame effect is not a fixed part, so that we can add LED lights to the surface by ourselves to make the whole figure richer.


Take a look at this helmet, shoulder, armor, and even the stamp on the shoulder, you can see the logo of the US military. This is what Mark VI showed us on this thigh. Imagine if they could add light tubes or LED lights to illuminate the position of the chest reactor, then it must be cool!


Then, we can see that the running posture of this Ant-Man is very dynamic and the details are very good.


One thing that bothers me is that I hope that all the bases can be put together, so they can consider using a puzzle base in the future, so that we can combine multiple different characters on it and put their bases together to create The larger Avengers country.

Captain Marvel

Next is Captain Marvel. First of all, her hairstyle is slightly different from that of Avengers: Endgame, because she has a short hair style in Endgame. However, you can see that this Captain Marvel Figure has long hair. This may come from her own movie "Captain Marvel".



Then there is a special effect on her fist, and the base also has a special effect. Just like War Machine Figure, but this time the special effect of the base is transparent.



The coloring of its hands is also very beautiful, it is gradient color, and the design with skill effect is very detailed. Its clothing is also very beautiful, whether it is the upper color, the star design, or the back design are very delicate.




Black Widow


Then, we have Natasha. Although the character looks too Q version, like a cartoon character, it does not look like a character that has appeared in the movie.


But from the details, you can see the iconic red ponytail and yellow hair ends of this black widow. Moreover, the details of the black widow bodysuit are also very beautiful, you can see the exquisite prints, every detail is done to the fullest, and her iconic black widow belt buckle is very realistic. so cool! ! !




The last one is the Hawkeye figure. In the leaflet, we have an eagle eye holding a bow and arrow. I like this Hawkeye hairstyle.


The shape of the hawkeye figure is good, but the expression here is a bit strange, because its eyes don't know which way to look. The details of this Hawkeye figure still surprised me. There will be different types of black color on its gloves and protective clothing. Choose different black colors to show different materials, just like in a movie.


Then you can see that Hawkeye's posture is very detailed, great! ! !



From the poster, you can see how impressive the entire collection of the first and second waves is. But of course, it's just that I like this series, but this series is not necessarily suitable for every Marvel Figure enthusiast, because they are the cartoon version.


Their company will only produce 2,000 limited edition Marvel figures for each character. For those who are looking for Marvel Figures with interesting and fashionable appearance, you will definitely fall in love with them. I know that each role has its own independent signing certificate.


I believe they will be very suitable for your desk and can decorate your home very well.

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