Know more about Marvel Figure's major brands

Know more about Marvel Figure's major brands

How many Marvel official figure brands are there?

After the release of the Avengers series of movies, related branded products have been constantly introducing new ones. Among them, the Marvel figure must be the first choice of many Marvel fans. However, it is really difficult for Hong Kong people to buy Marvel figures in Hong Kong. Most of the official authentic Marvel hero figures are foreign brands. Buying them at Hong Kong stores may not necessarily be genuine. Buying on the official website does not know which one is the best. Well, the freight from foreign countries to Hong Kong is expensive...The general problem all makes us feel a headache. Therefore, we have deliberately integrated Marvel figures of different brands and analyzed their characteristics so that everyone can have a reference when buying Marvel figures in Hong Kong.

Most Avengers figures on the market are 6 inches (1:12), mainly from 5 major toy manufacturers: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, Bandai’s SHFiguarts, Medicom Toyz’s Mafex, Mezco Toyz’s One: 12, and Amazing Yamaguchi of Kaiyodo Revoltech. The latest Marvel figure series from his Collection is also of similar size, about 6.5 inches.


Hasbro's Marvel Legends

The Marvel Figures of this series are often launched faster than the movies. The style of the Figure itself is more American, so the painting will be rougher. A certain degree of mobility. The accessories that come with the Figure are also relatively small, and some of them are not included. The head sculpture is also inferior, not too delicate. Sometimes the Marvel Legends series will launch several different figures for the same movie character. For example, there are three figures of the Spider-Man movie version. If you buy it for fun, in fact, this Marvel Figure of more than 100 yuan is also acceptable, because the price is cheap; but if you want to use it as a collection, others may be more suitable.


marvel-studio-avengers-endgame-official-figure-toy-doll-toylaxy-blog-Marvel Figure各大品牌知多D-hasbro


Bandai's S.H.Figuarts

The Marvel Figures of this series are more delicate in shape. The height of the entire Figure is actually less than 6 inches, and the figure is also slim. This series of Marvel Figures also have very high mobility, and the joints have a large range of movement, so they can be placed at your disposal to restore the large-scale movements of the film, and the pose movement is natural. The Marvel Figure from this brand will come with many accessories. For example, Figure will come with various weapons, helmets, and hand replacements, which is very playable. The appearance of the head sculpture is also quite delicate, and the collection value is high. But because the people of Hong Kong love this series of Marvel Figures, even if the price itself is moderate, the scalping prices will occur from time to time when the stock is out of stock. It is also difficult to find relevant purchasing agents in Hong Kong, so we may not be able to consider this series of Marvel Figures if we may not be able to afford the expensive price.

marvel-studio-avengers-endgame-official-figure-toy-doll-toylaxy-blog-Marvel Figure各大品牌知多D-S.H.Figuarts


Medicom Toyz's Mafex

The Marvel Figures in this series are more realistic and close to the movie characters. The craftsmanship is of a very high standard, and the texture and coloring are very fine. And the number of accessories included is very large, and it is thoughtful and detailed. However, the special effects parts of this series are quite easy to loosen, and the joints of the Figure are also relatively fragile. Therefore, this series has collection value and a certain degree of appreciation, but the playability may be lower because the parts are always fragile. The pricing is relatively high. But I heard that the joints of this series have been improved in recent years and are no longer so easily damaged.

marvel-studio-avengers-endgame-official-figure-toy-doll-toylaxy-blog-Marvel Figure各大品牌知多D-mafex


Mezco Toyz's One:12

The Marvel Figure of this series is very special because its battle suit is made of real fabric or imitation leather material, the head is meticulously carved, and it comes with a lot of accessories. But also because the clothes are made of real fabrics, even if the figure has more than 30 joints, it is highly mobile, and when twisting, it will worry about being pulled or bursting. The accessories are also easy to play with and can only be watched. And this series of Marvel Figures is very difficult to buy. Generally, you can't buy them without pre-ordering. The shipping time may take more than half a year. In addition, the high price of its own makes many Marvel fans discouraged.


marvel-studio-avengers-endgame-official-figure-toy-doll-toylaxy-blog-Marvel Figure各大品牌知多D-one-12


Kaiyodo Revoltech's Amazing Yamaguchi

This series of Marvel Figure's signature Yamaguchi miter joints make it extremely mobile, and the accessories are fun and changeable, and it can show many large movements. The style of Figure itself is partial to the American comics, not the styling of the movie series, because they only release the characters and figure figures of Marvel comics, and the style is not too realistic, so if you want to collect the Avengers movie merchandising, maybe this It's not suitable for you. The holes where their accessories are connected are not very well installed, but they may only be a part of the problem that happened in the workmanship. On the whole, the playability is very high.

marvel-studio-avengers-endgame-official-figure-toy-doll-toylaxy-blog-Marvel Figure各大品牌知多D-Kaiyodo Revoltech-Amazing Yamaguchi

"The Avengers: Endgame" by Ta-Collection

Ta-Collection is the Hong Kong agent of Toylaxy, a cutting-edge toy factory in Thailand. Their PVC scene statue series (PremiumPVC) includes a Marvel character model with the theme of Avengers 4: Endgame.


Compared with the other 5 brands, the Marvel Figures of this series are said to be in cartoon style. Generally, the cartoon-style figures are not so big (6 inches), because they don’t feel like the Q version. This Marvel Figure is a perfect balance between cartoon and movie characters. Although their mobility is low, and only some characters have accessories, each of them has a base specially designed with the character's personal style, so it is really of great ornamental value. Their detailed shapes and engraved lines are exquisitely depicted, and the painting is fine, making the figure more vivid and three-dimensional. The fineness and painting are excellent.


The figures of each Avengers character are limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and are accompanied by a separate "birth paper", which instantly makes them a lot more advanced.

Take the Bro Thor figure as an example, his figure is really vivid. Sitting on the sofa base, the movie scene is restored perfectly.

漫威復仇者聯盟:雷神索爾--胖索爾特別版正版模型手辦人偶玩具終局之戰版 Marvel's Avengers: Bro Thor Official Figure Toy on the sofa

The shape of the Iron Man figure is exactly the same as the moment when Iron Man knelt on the ground, pointed to the sky, and said I am Iron Man in the movie.

漫威復仇者聯盟:鐵甲奇俠正版模型手辦人偶玩具 Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man figure toy blog compare with other marvel figure brand

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