Different Types of UV Sanitizers

Different Types of UV Sanitizers

Besides using alcohol for disinfecting your personal items, UV sanitizer is also a common disinfectant. What types of UV sanitizer you are using?

There are different types of UV sanitizer for us to choose in order to disinfect our everyday items such as mobile phone, clothes, accessories, etc. Do you know the differences between them? 


1. UV Light Wand Sanitizers

gadgeticloud blog types of uv sanitizer differences uv light wand portable compact Lexuma XGerm

It is a portable UV light sanitizer which the size is usually small. You can carry it in your pocket and bring it everywhere for sanitizing. The operation is simple. Turn on the UV light wand and keep it over the surface for around 10 - 20 second. Then, press the button again to turn it off once you’re done with it. 

This UV light wand sanitizer is easy to use and convenient. No complicated steps required when using it. Also, the sanitizing time is short which helps you to save time. However, you should keep this product away from children. Since the UV light will harm to our skin and eyes, we should use this UV light wand carefully and don't look at the UV lights while sanitizing. Moreover, it is recommended to use UV lights in a dark environment for better sanitization. If the UV light wand is not used in a dark environment, it may not able to kill germs effectively.


2. UV light Lamp Sterilizer

gadgeticloud blog types of uv sanitizer differences uv light wand portable compact Lexuma XGerm uv light lamp indoor use

The idea of the UV light lamp sterilizer is nearly the same as the UV light wand. However, the UV light lamp is used indoor with a closed and dark environment. The UV light wand only can sanitize a small surface at the same time while the UV light lamp can sanitize the area of a room. The sanitizing time is around 15 to 60 minutes depends on your room size. All the places in your room will be germs-free after UV sanitization. 

The usage of the UV light lamp is simple too. Before you turn it on, set the time for sanitizing. Then, after you press the start button, the UV light lamp will not turn on immediately since it will spare some time for you to leave the room. Then, your skin will not expose under UV lights and protect your eyes. Although the UV light lamp can kill most of the germs in the room, there are some safety concerns on the usage. Unlike the UV light wand, the UV light will come from different angles. If someone opens the door of the room, the strong UV light may hurt them immediately. When you use it, you should make sure there is no one in the room and put a notice in front of the room to prevent accidents happen. 


3. Phone UV Light Sanitizer

gadgeticloud blog types of uv sanitizer differences uv light wand portable compact Lexuma XGerm Phone UV sanitizer multi-functional  gadgeticloud blog types of uv sanitizer differences uv light wand portable compact Lexuma XGerm Pro Phone UV Sanitizer LED version

The design of the Phone UV Light Sanitizer is different from the above UV sanitizers. It looks like a box with a lid which you can put your phone or other everyday items in it for sanitizing. The sanitization normally lasts for around 6 to 10 minutes. This kind of UV sanitizer is mainly for disinfecting your mobile phone and some small items such as earphones, cards, keys, accessories, etc. Some of the models also support aromatherapy sterilization and wireless charging. The operation is simple. Press the start button after you connect the UV sanitizer with power supply, then the sanitizing process will start instantly. 

Compare with the above two UV sanitizers, this phone UV light sanitizer is safer in operation. First, you don't need to worry about your skin will expose under the UV light as this sanitizer has a lid. Besides, the sanitization process will be stopped whenever the lid of the sanitizer is opened. Even your children open the lid of the sanitizer accidentally, the UV light will not hurt their eyes and skin. However, this phone UV light sanitizer is only limited to small items. If you want to sanitize your backpacks or clothes, it may not suitable for you.


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4. Clothes UV Disinfection Cabinet Sterilizer

gadgeticloud blog types of uv sanitizer differences uv light wand portable compact Lexuma XGerm UV Disinfection Cabinet for clothes towels

The size of this sterilizer is the largest among the sterilizers mentioned above. It is used to disinfect your clothes or some large items such as bags, towels, dolls, etc. Some of the cabinet sterilizers can be folded which is good for storage. Since it has a large inner compartment, the sanitizing time is longer which is 5 to 30 minutes. 

This cabinet sterilizer is useful if you want to sterilizer the clothes you have worn for the whole day. However, some of the cabinet sterilizers are designed with a transparent lid which the UV lights may cause damage to your eyes and skin. Therefore, you avoid choosing the transparent design or you should stay away from the cabinet sterilizer while sanitizing. You need some places for setting up the cabinet sterilizer. If you don't have enough space to place the cabinet sterilizer, you are recommended to wash all your clothes every day which is also useful for killing germs. 


No matter which type of UV sanitizer you are using, please pay more attention to the safety issues. Keep the UV sanitizer away from children to prevent accidents happen. 


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