MFi Certification

MFi Certification

Lexuma Apple Watch Portable Charger has got MFi certification. What is MFi certification?


MFi, short for "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod". For accessory manufacturers, MFi certification is an exam and a symbol of technology and brand strength.

Apple MFi certification is a test plan and official authorization standard that Apple has developed for the authorized accessories manufacturers of iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch and iPad devices. Only the officially tested and authorized device of Apple can print the official MFi Certification label on the package. In general, we can see this "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod" logo on the packaging of some well-known third-party accessory manufacturers (such as: Lightning cable, Apple Watch charger, headset, adapter, etc.)


Why Lexuma Wireless Apple Watch power bank has got MFi certification?

1. Each XTAG has a MFi certified charging module and unique serial number.

2. Both the product package and the manufacturer need to be officially approved by Apple.

3. The charging platform on XTAG is also original from Apple company which provides the best charging experience for Apple Watch.


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The MFi-certified certificates can be divided into two types: technology development certificate and manufacturing certificate. Manufacturers with these two certificates can develop and produce related certified products on their own. Therefore, for manufacturers, MFi certification is not only an authorization certificate passed by Apple's rigorous testing, but also a certification to show the company's product development strength. Lexuma XTAG Apple Watch wireless charger has passed Apple MFi test and is officially approved by Apple company. This portable Apple Watch charger is the best companion for your Apple Watch! Check this wireless power bank out now!

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